Hailing from the vibrant city of Liverpool, Jilly works across various mediums, from plays and screenwriting to prose and non-fiction. With a background as a fully qualified teacher and lecturer, she passionately imparts to her students the belief that creativity is an innate aspect of human nature.

Jilly's storytelling style is characterised by its gritty, realist edge, interwoven with the natural humor that accompanies life's struggles. She is writer and executive producer of "Being Keegan," a compelling film featuring acclaimed actor Stephen Graham and directed by Stephanie Zari. This production has garnered international recognition, securing accolades such as Best Short Film at esteemed festivals like the Scottish International Mental Health Arts Festival and the International Film Festival of Wales. "Being Keegan" is available for viewing on Amazon in both the UK and USA, among other streaming services.

Jilly has been one of the winners of the Windsor Award for New Writing (The Kenneth Branagh Award) and earned a nomination for Best Screenwriter at the BAFTA Qualifying Underwire Film Festival. Her works have been performed at venues including London's Lost Theatre, Riverside Studios, and Canal Cafe Theatre, as well as Swansea Grand, Cambridge’s ADC Theatre, and Dubai’s DUCTAC Theatre. She has also been highly commended at the esteemed London Screenwriters Festival.

Balancing her dedication to teaching and mentoring, Jilly divides her time between guiding aspiring scriptwriters and creative minds in professional and higher education settings, including Winchester University and University of Creative Arts. She also shares her expertise in various forms of creative writing and scriptwriting through adult education programs, Recovery Colleges and City Lit London. Jilly extends her passion for nurturing creativity through private tuition sessions tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, particularly in relation to mental health.

With a Master's Degree in Scriptwriting and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Jilly's professional journey began in TV broadcasting. She is currently immersed in the development of new projects for stage, screen, prose, and non-fiction.