Web Content Writer

Your website is the window to your product, and the content, aesthetics and professionalism of your site will determine whether customers, clients or audiences will choose you or choose one of your competitors.

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Screenwriter - Develop new writing for screen - open to new projects and collaborations


Playwright - Develop new writing for stage - open to new projects and collaborations


Proofreading and Editing - Welcome new work.


Substantial experience storytelling in industry and in academic institutions.

Voice Artist

Remotely or in studio - I have my own professional studio, and welcome work in this line.

Film Lecturer

Substantial experience teaching various film elements and production in academic institutions up to post graduate level.

Scriptwriting and Creative Writing Lecturer

10 years experience teaching Scriptwriting and Creative Writing for various mediums in a number of academic institutions to post graduate level.

Script Reading Service

Comprehensive written constructive feedback on any length script (screen or stage) to help improve and strengthen your creative work.

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Writing copy and targeted articles to help promote and direct traffic to your website.