03 Oct

Writers' block?  

I have written a series of short writing prompts for you to use as a springboard into your own imagination!  

Please contact me and I will give you a personal writers' prompt to start your writing journey!

1). 'She opened the door, and there he was......'

2) 'The fire was getting closer....'

3) 'Looking through the window, his worst fears were finally confirmed....'

4) 'Digging her toes into the warm sand, It was a hard choice, but she knew what her next move had to be....

5). 'She couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something different about the way he looked at her today....' 

6). 'She cautiously walked towards the wardrobe, carefully placing her fingers on the handle...'

These will be expanded and updated regularly for you to be inspired!... Use my contact page if you want more information.

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